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Registration is open for the next school year!

After you complete the form, you will be invited to book an evening at the school to complete your enrolment.
School FAQs


Where are the classes?

Our classes are at Elthorne Park High School, Westlea Road, Hanwell, W7 2AH.

The school is a ten-minute walk from Boston Manor tube station on the Piccadilly Line and a two-minute walk from the Christopher Avenue bus stop (E8/195).

There is limited parking in the school car park and we strongly recommend you take public transport to the school. Parking is available on some residential streets nearby, however please ensure you do not obstruct anyone's driveway.

When are the classes?

Our classes are every Monday and Wednesday evening during our school terms.

Students arrive from 18:50 for a 19:00 start. Classes finish at 20:45. It is important that you are on time to get the most out of your lessons.

You are expected to attend both evenings.

How much does the school cost?

There is a non-refundable fee of £90 for the year’s classes.

If you join later in the year, the fee will be reduced.

Payment is by electronic bank transfer only. We will provide you with instructions when you come to enrol.

If you are a refugee, an asylum seeker or not working, you can attend the school for free. If you are working full time and are unable to pay this fee, please let our team know at enrolment and we can discuss this further. We do not turn any student away, so please be assured you will be able to come to the school.

I am under 18. Can I join the school?

No - our school is only licensed to teach adults.


If you're under 18, you can attend a school or college, where they can provide you with specialist English language support.


Please contact your local Council's education department to find out more information.

Do you have childcare facilities?

We do not have any childcare facilities at the school.


Please do not bring your child to the school as we are not a registered childcare provider and we will have to ask you to return to school without your child.

Do you provide proof of enrolment/attendance?

Yes - we can write a letter to your employer or another organisation stating that you are an enrolled student at our school.


We will include our contact details should they need to ask us any further questions.

Teaching assess
Teaching and assessment
What will I learn?

We will teach you to improve your listening, speaking reading and writing. Within this, you'll focus on improving your grammar, pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary.


Our focus is on practical, everyday English, which you can take outside the classroom and use in real-life situations like at the shops, when you visit the GP, while you're at work, or talking with your friends.

Who will teach me?

You will be taught by trained teachers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, bringing a vast range of experiences with them.

All our teachers are volunteers who really want to make a difference and help you achieve your language goals.

Will I have the same teacher on both evenings?

Probably not - our teachers are volunteers and most only teach one evening a week. You will benefit from being exposed to different learning styles and listening to different voices.

Your teachers keep in touch with each other to make sure they cover different topics.

Do you use a book?

We don't teach using a set book, but your teachers may use exercises from books for you to complete in class.

You will receive printed copies of any materials in class and these are yours to keep.

Do you have exams?

We provide school exams at the end of the year in June to help see if you are ready to move to a higher level the following school year.


Please note these exams are not accredited or externally recognised - they are just to measure your progress.

Do you have classes for different levels?

Yes, our classes range from complete beginner (Pre-A1) to near proficient (C2).

When you enrol with us, you will complete a short assessment to identify the best level for you.

If at any stage during the year, you find the classes too easy or too difficult, you can discuss this with your teacher and we will find a better fit for you.

I can only come to class once a week. Is this ok?

Yes, you can still join the school, and we will do our best to give you the materials from the classes you miss.


Please be advised that it is much better to attend both classes to get the most out of your time at the school.

I finish work too late to come to the class on time. Can I come late?

Some of our students work shifts and cannot always make the classes at the start time.

Please tell us when you enrol and we can discuss this with you further.

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need to bring paper and a pen to your classes.


Everything else needed in the classes will be provided for you.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes - in June, you will get an attendance certificate (paper) if you are attending classes regularly.


You will also get an electronic certificate for each exam you pass.

How big are the classes?

Our classes range from approximately 8-12 students per class, however sometimes there are more students.


We don't have limits on class sizes, but to ensure you have enough contact with your teacher, there will be a teaching assistant if the class is very large.

Do you offer online classes?

No - all our provision is face-to-face. We believe this is the best way for you to learn English and the best way for teachers to help you.


Please contact your local Council if you want online English classes.

Can I have a trial class?

You will need to complete our assessment before joining a class so we can determine the right level for you.


If you decide after 2-3 classes that the school is not for you, you are not required to continue. Please let your teacher know if you choose to leave. The school will welcome you back should you wish to rejoin in the future.

How can I join the school?

You can complete our enrolment form and then book a visit to the school.


You will need to have your contact details and availability to hand.


Please do not turn up at the school without first registering online and booking a visit to the school.


Please only come to the school on the evening that you have booked. If you cannot attend on the evening that you booked, then please contact the school immediately.

What do I need to join the school?

Please bring photo ID with you e.g. passport, drivers licence, national ID card.


If you do not have any ID, please still come to enrol. If you have a Home Office letter, please bring this with you.

How does enrolment work?

When you visit the school, we'll give you a short presentation about the school and a chance to ask us any questions.

You'll then complete a short assessment to determine the right class for you.

If there is time, you will join your class or you will be asked to return for the next class.

Please ensure you complete our enrolment form and book a visit to the school.

Can I join the school after September?

Yes, you can. We open for enrolment from September to mid-May.

Please complete our enrolment form to select an evening to join.

I’m only in the UK for a few months. Can I still join?

Yes, absolutely! Just let us know when you come to enrol, and we'll make sure your teachers know.

Can I bring my friend with me to join?

Please ask your friend to complete the enrolment form and book a visit, as it helps us to enrol everyone faster when you arrive at the school.

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