Enrolment is closed for this school year.

If you are interested in joining the school in September, please complete our form.

Our classes are on Monday and Wednesday evenings, starting at 18:50 and ending at 20:45, at Elthorne Park High School in Hanwell.

Whatever your motivation is to improve your English - a new or better job, supporting your child's education or just wanting to practise - our classes can help you.

Our focus is on practical, everyday English, which you can take outside the classroom and use in real-life situations like at the shops, when you visit the GP, while you're at work, or talking with your friends.

We have classes suitable for all levels of learner, from beginners to students wanting to become fluent. Our classes at all levels will teach you to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing. Within this, you'll focus on improving your grammar, pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary.

The cost of our classes depends on your employment status and right to work.

We also partner with other organisations, which can help support you to find a job and access other education and support services.

Visit our student FAQs or get in touch to find out more.