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We are always looking for people to support the school to reach as many English language learners within the Ealing and wider community.

Everyone in our organisation - from our Head of School to our teaching assistants - are volunteers. We pride ourselves on having a strong volunteer community, committed to improving the lives of our students. We also have fun too - we have around three socials a year, as well as end of term parties at Christmas and in summer with the students.

The majority of our volunteer needs are teacher and teaching assistant roles. You don't need any experience to volunteer with us. We always post on our social media when roles become available.


You can find out more about our volunteering roles below - get in touch with us if you're interested in becoming a volunteer.


Our teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds and we welcome people from all walks of life. You don't need any teaching experience to volunteer with us.

Volunteer teachers are required to commit to either a Monday or a Wednesday evening . We don't have classes during school holidays.

If you are a qualified adult English language teacher, meaning you hold a CELTA/Trinity Cert TESOL and/or have substantial experience teaching English to adults, you are welcome to start teaching a class if there is one available. We will normally assess one of your first five lessons to ensure you are teaching to the ethos and standards of the school.

For teachers without adult ELT experience, we provide a free teacher training programme, which runs twice a year (starting in September and January) for eleven weeks. The programme is run by an experienced teacher, who will cover the fundamentals of delivering an English language lesson and teach you everything from lesson planning to classroom management.


Please note, if you are accepted onto our teacher training programme, you are required to stay with the school for a minimum of two academic terms after completing the programme.

We invest in our volunteer teachers through a range of ways, from CPD workshops to providing textbooks and resources to support with lesson planning.

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering with us, please get in touch.

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistants support our teachers in our busiest classes to deliver the best possible lesson to all students.

The biggest part of the role is working with lower ability students or any students struggling to practise the lesson's target language.

Other duties include:

  • Monitoring students when they are completing activities to ensure they are doing them correctly and providing assistance where needed

  • Supporting the teacher to explain instructions/activities, such as modelling a roleplay

  • Making extra copies of worksheets/handing worksheets out, if needed


Some of our teaching assistants go on to become volunteer teachers and the role can be developed to give you more teaching practice, if you want to develop these skills.

Teaching assistants are required to commit to either a Monday or Wednesday evening, during term time. If you're interested in volunteering with us as a teaching assistant, please get in touch.

Administration and support services

A volunteer administrator looks after the school, supporting the school leaders to enrol new students, log student attendance and provide a number of other ad hoc administrative functions.

We do occasionally have a need for other roles, so if you're interested in supporting us outside the classroom, get in touch with us.

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