Teacher Training Programme

All our new teaching volunteers are put onto our bespoke teacher training programme.

You don't need any teaching or classroom experience to join the teacher training programme, however you do need to be fluent in English (you don't have to be a native speaker).

The programme is run by an experienced teacher and is designed to meet the specific needs of new volunteers, to help them develop their classroom management, lesson planning and lesson delivery skills, as well as understanding the ethos of our school.

The programme runs twice a year, starting in September and January and lasts eleven weeks.

Volunteers must attend once a week (on Monday or Wednesday evenings) for these eleven weeks.

You will spend the first two weeks learning English language teaching theories and tips, and practice this with the other trainees.

You'll then spend the following eight weeks observing three classes with learners of different ability levels and teaching four times, starting off with a 20 minute slot and working your way up to deliver a full 1 hour 45 minute lesson. Your teaching practices will be assessed and feedback given after each one to help you improve.

You'll finish the programme with a debrief week and then we'll place you into your own class (subject to availability).

The programme requires lesson planning to be done outside of classroom time and is a considerable commitment, however you will benefit from a free training programme which will train you to deliver effective English language lessons to adults both at and outside of our school.

Experienced teachers still join this programme, but we adapt the programme to allow them to be more creative with their lesson planning and help trainees without teaching experience.

If you're interested in joining this programme and becoming a volunteer teacher, please get in touch with us.